Applied Color

30 Jan 2011
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Whenever we go to market, I carry around cuttings of all of the upholstery fabrics that we either have on our showroom floor or pieces that we have on order. I do this so that we can put new “rooms” together in our displays. The cuttings get brought out when we are shopping for accessories, like pillows, lamps, pottery, artwork or when we are looking for rugs to go in the rooms. 

When I look at most of the cuttings, I have to admit that other than the textures of them, for the most part they look a little neutral (I won’t say boring). Not a real impressive array of colors!

I like to be able to change looks in our showroom and nothing changes it more dramatically than color. So I usually (and unconscienciously) end up choosing neutral fabrics for the upholstery. Then I add personality and drama by selecting a wall color, art, an area rug and accessories in whatever flavor I am trying to relay. And that is what gives you excitement! 

This market we experienced an amazing, visual display of colors. Compiled with our neutral fabrics, all of a sudden…magic happens. Our once cream sofa becomes the canvas backdrop for a rainbow of ideas.

We found eye popping colors in rugs, like these one-of-a-kind wonders from our source in India.




We also purchased an array of colorful ceramic lamps in popsicle colors.

We found bright, inspiring art to fill our walls.

And when everything finally arrives to our showroom, we will be painters and apply the colors as to the blank canvas below...

Fashion Modular Sofa modern living room

modern living room design by new york interior designer Amy Lau Design

Central Park West Apartment modern living room

modern living room design by philadelphia showroom usona

Millneck Showhouse contemporary living room

contemporary living room design by new york interior designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Glenn Gissler Design contemporary living room
This will be an exciting spring!
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Our FurnitureLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

We're sorry to have kept you waiting.  We had such a great time in Las Vegas at the World Market and with so many great new lines, pieces, and trends to deliver it may take a while to get caught up.

But let's start with our newest line Barclay Butera Lifestyle. 

Most of us have heard his name and seen his face but what's his story?  Well, as much as I would like to say that he told me his story in person most of what I know is from all of his press.  And what press he has!  He's known for his lasting style, his glamourous yet livable atmospheres that focus on heritage and tradition. and of course, his mantra (of sorts) which describes his design style best; "fashion for the home".

Butera got his start by working and helping his mother in her interior design business.  After graduating from law school he decided to go into interior design for himself.  His name and his style (and business) have taken off from there.


The Barclay Butera Lifestyle showroom at the World Market was filled with pieces from all 5 collections; Town, Plantation, City, Modern Beach and Country.  And we couldn't find a piece that we didn't want to take home with us.  Here are a few of our favorites...


(All of the upholstery pieces will be available to order in the full line of fabrics in a month or two ... fully customizable to make it an easy fit).


 And you can't show Barclay without a touch of  Barclay Blue.

We loved the red nailhead on this piece.

All of the accent pillows were done in Barclay fabrics.

 And our number #1 pick...

The Piper Chair

(we should have this in stock again soon).

Next time you come in ask for a tour of all of  the Barclay pieces.  We love seeing them again and again... from desks, dining, living to occassional.





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Our Vegas Arrival

25 Jan 2011
Our Stories posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

The road was hazy on our way to the Sacramento airport but Nan still managed to get some interesting pictures of the flooded rice fields and scenery.

Our flight was smooth and made even smoother by our free "upgradable" drinks served to us on the flight.  We found a taxi quickly (usually a 20 minute long line) and before we knew it we were just around the corner from the hotel.

The Wynn looms over The Strip.

The famous waterfall that greets you at registration (sorry for the poor photo quality).

And of course, the famous Las Vegas flower arrangements.  Can you imagine getting to look at these orchids everyday?

Today was Day #1 at the WMCLV (it looks like Roman numerals doesn't it?).  We'll share with you pictures from the show and tell you all about our great finds.

Til then,


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