My Vegetable Patch

21 Jun 2011
Our DesignersOur Projects posted by Sage Bowman

 Last year, my husband, daughter and I decided to do some work in our yard.  We had big ideas to stain our concrete, put in a vegetable garden, add some trees and fix a drainage issue in a planter area we have.  It was spring and our ideas seemed very realistic.  So we set to work and did the concrete, the trees and even the drainage issue.  Then it turned summer and it was hot and the garden didn’t seem too possible.

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Big Yard Envy

16 Jun 2011
Our Projects posted by Nan Tofanelli

It was a rainy weekend at Lake Almanor. I could have chosen to go on a walk with the dogs, or helped Rick rake pine needles, or done some spring cleaning. Instead I looked at that 24” high pile of old design magazines and knew that it was my absolute duty to spend the day going through those magazines to cut out any articles or photos or recipes that needed to be attended to before passing them on to my neighbor.

I used to do this task with relish every month after my new editions came in the mail. But lately (who am I kidding, lately being the last five years!) I have procrastinated and not only did I have a huge pile at the lake but also an equally huge pile at home.

I did manage to find two yummy looking recipes to try this summer and also several beautiful photos of backyards to covet. We live on the lake (at Cal Park) and have a very tiny yard to take care of. But visually we have a huge yard that encompasses our views of the lake and our neighbors’ back yards too. Taking care of this size yard is just fine with us but when I see layouts of estate sized lawns and thick forests of green, I do get big yard envy.

What is your dream backyard like?


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