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Traveling is something that Rick and I do well. Our first adventure overseas was in the 70’s, where we traveled in a VW van throughout Europe and North Africa and remarkably, really only fought twice in six months.  Every since, we have pretty much gone with the flow and not gotten too upset in the changes that always occur when you are away from home. Hence, I think we are good travelers which is why (I think) the Cook family, Robin and Mike (our daughter and son-in-law and their dog Bailey who are on a US road trip this summer, see their blog at suggested that we meet up with them on part of their trip to travel and camp for awhile. We jumped at the opportunity.

                                                          The Cook Family

They have a VW van and had been on the road for 45 days when we met up with them in New York City. Luckily they were able to park and stay across the river in New Jersey at the home of Justin’s (another son-in-law) cousin. So they didn’t have to worry about Bailey, parking or driving in the city. 

                                                         New Jersey Home


We rendezvoused at the best place we could think of…Grand Central Station. Wow what an interesting spot. Do all the people that are fast walking around really know where they are going or are they just following the person ahead of them? As we stood on the steps above the crazy, busy main hall all I could wish for was a flash mob. After standing there for a quarter of an hour, still nothing had happened… darn, no music no dancing, but we did find Robin and Mike.

                                                   Grand Central Sans Flash Mob


We did some of the regular sights (this was Mike’s first time in the Big Apple)

                  The Chrysler Building                                           Stock Exchange

and discovered some new fun places like this beautiful hidden street park tucked between two buildings. There was a little 5x5 café hidden into the corner where you could buy a tasty jerk chicken salad for $7. We went back twice! The roar of the water drowned out the traffic sounds and the spray from it cooled our hot and tired little feet.

We also found this sleeping swimmer on a busy street in Soho.

We always love the banners that proclaim so proudly the businesses below them.

When it was time to leave the city, we took the advice from a seasoned New Yorker and made our way up the Hudson River Valley to the Catskills. A stop for lunch under a spreading tree (Chestnut?) at an old stone church and graveyard gave some protection from the slight drizzle that did nothing to cool us off.

Mystic Seaport Connecticut was our next destination where during dinner (at Abbots…Costello’s was across the street) Lobsta Man (aka Rick) kept us laughing with his Lobsta puppets and sick humor.

A tour through the living history museum the next day took most of the day and if Mike had his way we would still be there!  An entire village of old houses, businesses, ships and 17 acres of exhibits had been transplanted there depicting  coastal life in the 19th century.

Our last two days were spent on Cape Cod. Is there a more beautiful spot for Robert A.M. Stern-type houses? I just couldn’t take pictures fast enough.

The Cook family gave up the comfort of their VW bed for us so that our old bones would be happy and they chose to rough it in a two man, one dog tent where they were slightly rained on once or twice. Thank you Robin and Mike for allowing us to share a portion of your road trip. May you have many more days of spectacular scenery, many more nights of wonderful camping meals with fresh ingredients from whatever that state has to offer and hopefully no more nights of blood sucking mosquitoes! Thank You!


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Irma Orozco


Love to see your family is doing well.  Probably dont remember me but I worked for Chase and helped your whole family the whole time I was their.  Tell everybody I said hi!!!

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Irma!  Of course we remember you.  It’s so nice to hear from you.  We hope things are going well for you down south.  Please stop by next time you’re in town.

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