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After rearranging the showroom and receiving our new finds, we noticed all the truly unique items we have this season! These new pieces all have a different flair and their very own personality. Large and small; these unique table topping, shelf enhancing, conversation starting décor items are now embellishing our showroom! 

Something fun and new are these ‘Wooden Fish Puppets’ from Mali, Africa. They are a great way to add a pop of color to a room. 

Here we have one of my favorite items. Coming in sizes small and large, each ‘Crystal Geode’ is different from the other. The sparkle they give off in the sunlight really creates a feeling a whimsy and fantasy. They are perfect for a nightstand or bedroom window sill. 

For another bit of fantasy, we have these great dinosaur sculptures.  With their detail and fossilized finish they would work well in any room with a darker color scheme. If your kids are willing enough, they’d also work well in any kids’ bedroom! 

For a more dramatic touch we have our new brass 12-point star sculptures. This item looks great in a bunch or just one on its own. 

If you are looking for something with a more natural and rustic feel there are our ‘Hand-carved Wood Squashes’. They’re called squashes because of their shape, but these bowls are perfect for a coffee table center piece. You can fill them with anything you like! Here we have them filled with sand and tea candles.

For the office or home library we have the ampersands sculpture with a vintage gold finish. It is a fun way to bring some shine to a desk or bookshelf. We also have our ceramic foot bookends which go great flanking some books.

What’s your favorite item? 


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Autumn Entertaining

19 Oct 2014
Our Home AccessoriesLatest TrendsOur Stories posted by Holland Mervis

Autumn is finally here! My favorite season has made its debut with changes in the weather and falling leaves. It’s finally time to get out those oversized sweaters and cozy knit scarves you keep hidden away in the back of your closet. Fall is also the time when you get to cook the best comfort foods and stay bundled up inside with the ones you love. The season has come for sharing a meal and gathering together. To get you inspired, take a look at these tips for autumn entertaining. 

Good Eats: Nothing says it’s fall and time for the holidays like great food. When throwing a fall get-together it’s important to know what’s in season to get the best flavors out of your ingredients. Vegetables are one of my favorite parts of the fall dining. When preparing your menu for the night, remember that cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots, chard, sweet potatoes, and all kinds of squash are perfect this time of year. These can all be roasted and if you get creative make a warm soup for those cooler autumn nights.

Hearty main courses are really great for fall meals. Comfort foods like pot pies, roasts, and stews are perfect for bringing the family together!

Make sure you don’t forget about desserts! This, in my opinion, is the most important part of the season changing. Warm and delicious fall desserts are my favorite. The aroma or pies, roasted caramel apples, and homemade toffee seem to always fill my home when fall comes around. You can stick with the classic pumpkin and pecan pies or try something out of the box like salted caramel dipped pears.  

Décor: Decorate your home with all things fall. There is no need to go over board of course but a touch here and there makes the space more welcoming for guests. Pumpkins and gourds are an obvious choice and you can always update the look by painting them or even spraying them with a hint of glitter. Indian corn husks are also something that looks great in the home. These can be an alternative to flowers and you can hang them in a bundle or just place them upon your mantle. If you want to stick to a traditional floral arrangement, get flowers in deep reds and lush deep greens.

Tabletops:  Take time to set up your table top with autumn oriented details. Guests with definently appreciate it and it will make your party seem spectacular when it really took no effort at all. Try using a burlap or plaid table cloth instead of leaving the table uncovered and bare. For color schemes for the plates and napkins go with rich colors like plum, green, and brown (even ivory can make a statement paired with the right autumn colored napkin). Make a center piece of mini pumpkins and cover the table in candles to get the mood. If you have time roast and season some pumpkins seeds and set out small bowls of them for pre-meal snacking. It’s the small details that can really upgrade your dining experience! 

For more inspiration take a look at our Autumn Entertaining board on Pinterest.


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Corbel Corners

26 Sep 2014
posted by Holland Mervis

Have you ever looked at the beautiful architecture of the great old buildings in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles? One thing that I always notice is the detailed corner pieces the help support the structure but I never really knew what they were until now. They are called corbels and to my surprise they are not only used to enhance sky scraping buildings, but also the everyday home. 

Corbels come in all sorts of styles and can be used throughout the home in many different ways. The basic shape of the corbel is that of an ‘L’ turned upside down in order to act as a supportive type of bracket. What makes a corbel unique is the design of what connects the two edges. 

Now it might seem unusual to incorporate corbels into your home décor but it is actually easier than one would think. Corbels are a great way to upgrade any living space with minimal to no effort. Just attach one or even a cluster of them to a wall and you have a great new place to display items in your home. Placing them in a free-standing manner allows you to play around with their placement and keeps the wall from looking cluttered.

With free-standing corbels on your wall, you can display candles, framed photographs, and really anything else you could think of! If you don’t have a liking to the free-standing look, that’s no problem. Corbels in sets of two make for a great looking shelf. Just make sure you have a sturdy top attached to them and a good level if you take the DIY route. 

They can even be used as table-toppers for decoration or be used as a functional book end. 

Stop by our showroom today and check out our very own selection of corbels! Each one is uniquely crafted from wood and look great for the new fall season. We also have them for sale at our online store. click here.


Happy decorating!


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