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Fashion and art draw inspiration from life. The Met Gala was earlier this week and the looks on the red carpet proves this to be true. If you look around the showroom, you can see bits and pieces of fashion in our Nantucket lifestyle. Take a look at all the similarities between our beloved showroom and some of the fashions worn by the Met Gala’s celebrity guests. 

Black & White 

Mary-Kate & Ashely Olsen, Cara Delevinge, Janelle Monae, Zhu Zhu

Diane Kruger, Amanda Seyfried, Selena Gomez, Uma Thurman 


Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, Gabrielle Union


Kris Jenner, Jessica Hart, Gigi Hidad, Amal Alamuddin, Adriana Lima


Courtney Eaton, Kate Hudson, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway


Until next year!



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Ilona Cronan is one of our most treasured local Chico artists. We just love her use of color and movement. Her unique paintings are not only interesting, but will look great for any room in the house.

You can find her pieces sprinkled around the showroom during any time of the year. Check out below what great pieces we currently have in the showroom! She creates custom pieces and really knows her way around a canvas. She paints for those who love and are passionate about art.

We have the great pleasure of having Ilona herself spend time with us in the showroom on Saturday May, 2nd.  Stop by to chat and spend some one on one time with this inspiring artist!

"A Touch of Orange" 48"x48"

"My Chicken Coop" 48"x48"

"Chico Scene" 24"x30"

"Sunglow" 15"x30"

"Orange Flowers" 40"x30" 

"Little Chico Spring 2015" 

pink- 12"x4" 

blue- 5"x7"

 "Landscape Over Chico" 48"x48"

We love Ilona! 



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It’s time to change around your bedroom linens for that fresh spring and summer look that makes it hard for you to leave your house even when the weather outside is irresistible. Bella Notte linens are perfect for transforming your bedroom into a fairytale-like dreamland. With a variety of lush and elegant fabrics to choose from, Bella Notte is sure to carry just the color and feel you’re looking for. 

Bella Notte fabrics are available in silk, lace, cotton, satin, tencel, velvet, silk velvet, and linen. Each one feeling luxurious and soft.  When layered together they create a lovely environment for sleeping in, relaxing, having a movie marathon, catching up on reading, or cuddling with your loved one. 

There are beautiful details in Bella Notte fabrics as well. When looking at images of Bella Notte bedding, I could not help but think of Sofia Coppola’s film interpretation of Marie Antoinette. Who wouldn't want a bedroom fit for a queen?

Come into the showroom today and see what Bella Notte fabrics we have to offer to turn your dream bedroom into a reality. 

Also take a look at our Bella Notte Linens Pinterest board

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