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16 Mar 2011
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Usually around four times a year we do a major change around of the furniture and displays in our store. We do this to keep up with the seasons and the “look” or color of the season.  We also do this to fill in holes where merchandise has sold or to make room for new pieces coming in.

Twice a year we have a big Home Sale, in the fall and in the spring. We are now coming up to our Spring Home Sale!  We order new furniture at different markets to (hopefully) arrive in time to be included in our new displays. We want everything to look new and exciting for our big sale.


A few weeks ago we did our spring move. As the new pieces come in we are moving them in to their designated slots in readiness for our sale.

This last week we spruced everything up for a two-day photo shoot, as well. We are working towards our new and improved website. This new site will include a shopping area. So for those of you who live outside of Chico, you will now be able to actually purchse NH items online! Due to the work involved we'll be starting off with a small ecommerce site and will be building it as we go.  We will be including new and exciting products making sure not to forget some of our tried and true items that you just can’t live without (like our vanilla candles).

Professional photographer Beiron Andersson, was hired to tackle the job of making our products look as good on your monitor as they do in our showroom. We are very excited about his work and how creatively he shot our products. He also spent time with our designers and bloggers taking shots of them for the new site.

So as you can imagine... we have our work cut out for us this week. 

We'll be putting the final touches on our advertisments and signage for the sale... we'll be marking down our showroom samples and special orders... we'll be making sure we have all of our materials and samples updated... plus a lot more!

And to top it all off we hope to have a few new pages of our NEW website live in order to show you everything else that's been keeping us frantic and excited.


If you're on our mail list you'll be receiving a beautifully designed booklet in the mail to keep you informed on our design services and Spring Home Sale.  If you're on our email list you'll be notified, too.  If you're not on either, sign up on our website or keep visiting this blog.  We'll keep you informed.



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Tom Marcus


Interior design is amazing. This design describes a very pleasant atmosphere and makes people who are in it to feel comfortable. I really liked the room layout in the room and I’d love to make my room to be like that.

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