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Nan Tofanelli Bay Area transplant Nan Tofanelli founded her well-known look in Chico in 1975.  Tofanelli began to formally train her artistic eye at CSU Chico as an Art major and Photography minor.  She then worked her way up to a business owner, retailer and design principal in the 35 years which ensued.

She is a prominent figure in interior design in the North state and is well-known for the functional, nonchalant feeling she brings to each of her projects. With an eye for evolving style and an enthusiasm for introducing personal elements and heirloom pieces into a space, Tofanelli extends the same professional interest for projects new and old.

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We travel to High Point once a year, every spring, to attend the largest furniture show in the country. With Chico being 1 1/2 hours from the closest big city airport, it takes close to 15 hours of driving waiting, flying, waiting, flying and driving to get to this small town in the middle of North Carolina...

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Our DesignersLatest Trends posted by Nan Tofanelli

We've been loving our bamboo products for years now... from sheets and pillowcases to tunics and tanks.  But it dawned on us that you may not know much about why we love them.  In a sentence,

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Napa Valley Get-Away

05 Nov 2012
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When my client asked me if I would travel to Napa to help her with her new condo there, I didn't have to think twice...of course I would! Not only do I love working with this wonderful woman but I also love to travel out of town to far away and exotic places to do my...

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