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Sage Bowman Interior designer Sage Bowman grew up in the interior design business, working with her mother who designed for clients throughout Northern California. After earning her degree in art at CSU, Chico she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Set direction had been her aim until Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher discovered her many talents. Within a few years Sage returned to Chico, married her longtime love and began apprenticing under her mother, Nan Tofanelli; a well-respected designer and owner of Nantucket Home.

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Our Favorite PlacesOur Designers posted by Sage Bowman

I recently stumbled across these pictures and just had to share.  It makes me realize just how lucky we are to be living in such a stunning world.  Oftentimes with so much negativity surrounding our everyday lives, it’s refreshing to come across such beauty...

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Our DesignersOur Stories posted by Sage Bowman

I came across these pictures of a house recently and just had to share!  A beautiful house, in the heart of Malibu, California.  You would think luxurious, maybe beachy.  But this is something completely different…straight from Bedrock!  It was Dick Clark’s house…

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Our Designers posted by Sage Bowman

When I think of a farmhouse, I generally think rustic and country.  I’m not sure why this Hamptons house is considered a farmhouse (unless, of course, there is a farm surrounding it).  Whatever it is, it’s amazing!  Architect Bruce Nagel designed it.  He’s a big time architect in New York, but works mainly in the Hamptons…and has won many awards and credibility for his work.

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