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Sara Tofanelli-Barroso Sara grew up in Chico, California.  She started working in the family business (Nantucket Home) at a young age.  She learned the family business, learned to save and learned to travel with her savings.  After high school she left Chico to live in Italy and travel throughout Europe.  It was here that her love for food, coffee, language and culture flourished.  Upon returning, she attended Chico State, met her future husband, John (who was also intrigued with traveling), graduated with a degree in English Literature and Italian and left Chico with him to live and work in Torino, Italy.  Sara currently is the ‘shopkeeper’ at Nantucket Home.  She spends her time away from work playing with her children, dogs, and husband.  And whenever she can find spare time she enjoys reading her favorite blogs on everything from design to food to lifestyle.

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Outdoor Living

20 Apr 2011
posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

The warm season is upon us.  Being outside yesterday watching my boys entertain themselves with a bucket of water, I was left to think about all the changes I want to make in my yard... and there are many. So I decided to write a list of what needs to be changed.  I thought about two important elements that are missing in our outdoor living space... outdoor furniture and an outdoor rug to define the space. 

I’ve been hoping to introduce another sitting space outdoors and ideally incorporate some comfortable lounge furniture (like above).  Our favorite upholstery line, LEE Industries, introduced their fully upholstered outdoor furniture line last spring.  They thought of everything when designing this collection… UV, stain, fade, water and mildew resistant, sloping seat decks for draining, breather cushions, waterproof ticking, open seat webbing, the list goes on and on.  If you haven’t seen this yet take 5 minutes and watch this video on how well LEE Uncovered handles itself completely emerged in a lake. 

We’ve carried LEE pieces for years.  A family owned company that prides itself on constructing well-made furniture and taking care of the environment, has been in business since 1969.  In fact, our clients who had purchased LEE products 20 years ago are still happy with their LEE pieces today.


Another family owned company that we’ve been selling for years and years is Capel Rugs.

Remember these...

These rugs were our staple for years.

Now Capel has gone Outdoor...

Virtually maintenance-free, Capel outdoor rugs offer soft comfort and weather resistance for porches or patios or high-traffic durability for kitchens and entryways.  Loomed by hand, not by machine, our flat woven and hand loomed rug collections are crafted with low pile for maximum comfort and durability.  Available in an array of solid colors and casual designs and environmentally-friendly they are constructed from 100% olefin or seagrass.  And even more... these rugs feature weather-resistant fabric.  They can also be bordered in your own custom fabric.

A 3 step process makes decision making easy (which is what I depend on).  So now I can start on making my backyard comfortable for me and my kids... just need to dig up a few pipes first.


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posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

Occassionally we see obvious trends when we are at a trade show. Most of the time however, the trends are very subtle or sometimes not very interesting. This year we experienced PINK! Whether you like that color (Lauren), or not, it wasn't to be ignored!

Pink walls, pink chairs, pink elevators, lights and lamps. Could I live with a little pink in my life?

Many talented designers have preached about the power of pink walls in a dining room or in a bathroom. The color is flattering to most complexions. And heaven knows that we all can use a little help in that department.

And then there's the ultimate in delicious pinkness... the pink umbrella in your drink! Enjoy!


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Our Home AccessoriesLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

When we were in High Point we saw a lot of color.  One showroom in particular showcased bright color one would see in Florida.  Breathtaking (we'll show you soon) but would our clients be drawn to it?  One of our reps said to us "nobody ever tells you that you look good wearing taupe or black... but dress in something with color and suddenly you'll hear 'I like that color on you'".  Rick liked this concept.  And he brought it up to us a few more times on our buying trip. 

It's true.  We all love color and pattern but we're a bit scared of it too.  Whether it's wearing it or putting it in your home it's a line that we all should learn to cross.  Why not start small?

Pillows are a great way to introduce color and pattern into your home. 

They make it easy to freshen up your house without buying a new piece of furniture or artwork. 

They don't require nails to hang or even delivery men to rearrange your current environment. 

Quite obviously they are the easiest item to bring home to freshen up your house, liven up your sofa and introduce color and pattern. Come by before May 1st and choose any LEE fabric for your pillows and at 30% off ... your other furniture will be green with envy.

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