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When we were in High Point we saw a lot of color.  One showroom in particular showcased bright color one would see in Florida.  Breathtaking (we'll show you soon) but would our clients be drawn to it?  One of our reps said to us "nobody ever tells you that you look good wearing taupe or black... but dress in something with color and suddenly you'll hear 'I like that color on you'".  Rick liked this concept.  And he brought it up to us a few more times on our buying trip. 

It's true.  We all love color and pattern but we're a bit scared of it too.  Whether it's wearing it or putting it in your home it's a line that we all should learn to cross.  Why not start small?

Pillows are a great way to introduce color and pattern into your home. 

They make it easy to freshen up your house without buying a new piece of furniture or artwork. 

They don't require nails to hang or even delivery men to rearrange your current environment. 

Quite obviously they are the easiest item to bring home to freshen up your house, liven up your sofa and introduce color and pattern. Come by before May 1st and choose any LEE fabric for your pillows and at 30% off ... your other furniture will be green with envy.

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A Veranda Highlight

11 Apr 2011
Our FurnitureOur Home Accessories posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

We search high and low for the unique pieces we bring into our Nantucket Home line.  It's usually the small, family-owned manufacturers that catch our attention.  We gravitate towards them for many reasons namely ...their attention to detail, cutting edge determination, strive for quality product and of course, their friendly demeanor.

So we're always pleased to find out when they get national recognition.  Palecek, a manufacturer we've carried for 20 plus years, will be in Veranda magazine this month  (see above image) highlighting their Spa Collection.

Known for their eclectic materials, Allan Palecek started his company upon returning home from the Vietnam war.   Similar to Rick and Nan's story of how they began Nantucket Home, Allan too was intrigued by basket weaving and other crafts in Vietnam and wanted to share it.  What started as a small basket importing venture has turned into a large creative enterprise of designing, manufacturing and importing fascinating items from all over the world.  Every piece has a story with Palecek. 

Check out Veranda this month!


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