Roy and his Ceiling

03 Jun 2011
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Roy finished the decorative painting at my client’s house!  She is happy, I am happy…it’s gorgeous! You can follow the progress of this project by clicking here and  here.

Roy is so incredibly talented.  He worked on the entry, the dining room and the entry.  You can see the entry walls and the ceiling here, with the nice light reflection. 

Below is the woven strie painting style that Roy used for the entry.  Again, nice texture, and not overpowering.  

The dining room vines turned out beautiful.  They look like they’ve been there for years… aged and full of stories to tell.  Here is a view into the living and dining rooms. 


Roy lightly painted the vines and then he put a glaze over them to make them blend more into the walls.

It was really enjoyable for me to work on this project.  It was fun to see the progression of how things are made to come alive and feel more put together.  I do this kind of work every day, whether it be helping someone with a new living room (paint, rug, furniture and accessories) or starting from the very beginning with plans for a house to flooring, counters and paint.  To watch an idea grow, blossom and become more and more realistic is so exciting.  I love every part of the process…every stage, because they are each unique and fun.  It’s almost sad when the last stage comes, even though it’s fun to see the end result…it’s sad to know that the project is done and I must say good bye to the client that I have been working with for so long.  Although, I do know that there is always a new project and client to get to know right around the corner…I do hope that some of my past clients come back for more! 

Regarding Roy, if you have anything (furniture, walls, canvas) that needs to be painted or touched up or restored, please let me know.  He’s extremely talented, dedicated and fun to work with.  I’ve always enjoying working with Roy…he has great ideas, comes with a impressive portfolio and can pretty much do anything!


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May…Week Three

23 May 2011
Our Projects posted by Nan Tofanelli


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